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During these 4 days, a rich cultural and entertainment program awaits you in the most ancient country, which is known for its rich history, ancient culture, architectural monuments and Christian traditions. We have selected for you all the most intimate things that can be seen in Armenia. You will get acquainted with the history and traditions of the country, visit sacred places, enjoy the beauty of mountain peaks and sip Armenian wine.

What is included

Handling Services - Meet & Greet at The Airport
Visits - Visit Fruit Market
Visits - Visit Vernisage
Tickets - Zvartnots Museum
Tickets - Etchmiadzin Museum
Tickets - Garni Temple
Zvartnots Cathedral
Garni Temple
Yerevan City Tour
Etchmiadzin Cathedral
Geghard Monastery
Arrival transfer
Departure transfer

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Tour program

Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.

Included in price
  • Meet & Greet at The Airport

Breakfast in the hotel Sightseeing Yerevan city tour, stop at Victory Park, from where a beautiful view of the city opens. Then we go to the famous Cascade, a walk through the Cafesjian center of arts, a visit to the souvenir and central markets. Return to hotel

Yerevan City Tour

At this day we will discover Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Yerevan was being built in a beautiful multi-colored tuff stone. The year of foundation of Yerevan is considered to be 782 BC. e., when the king of the country Urartu Argishti First founded here the fortified city of Erebuni. We will start from Republic Square, then first stop will be in Victory Park, from where a beautiful view of the city. After that we will return to walk through the small center, a cascade, an opera theater, Northern Avenue, Republic Square, also the program include visits to the vegetable and souvenir markets. After that, you can choose to visit the cave of Grandfather Levon, Yerevan Brandy Factory Ararat, the Megheryan Carpet Factory, the Armenian Genocide Museum, the History Museum or Matenadaran - the manuscript museum

6-8 hours

Included in price
  • Visit Fruit Market
  • Visit Vernisage

Breakfast in the hotel. Tour to Echmiadzin - the spiritual center of Armenia and the residence of the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Here we will visit the Cathedral of Saint Etchmiadzin, the oldest monastery of the early 4th century, the 7th century churches of Saints Hripsime and Gayane, as well as the ruins of Zvartnots, the greatest temple of early medieval Armenian architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Return to Yerevan

Zvartnots Cathedral

Armavir region, located at a distance of 15km from Yerevan.

Zvartnots temple was supposedly built in 643-652 in the years of turbulent for Armenia. Arab conquerors invaded the country and, having captured the capital Dvin in 640, threatened to conquer the whole country. At that time, Bishop Nerses Taetsi was elected Catholicos. For his construction activities, the creation of many churches and monasteries and the strengthening of the Christian faith, Nerses was nicknamed the Builder. In 641, he transferred the Catholicosate to Zvartnots and in about 643 ordered the construction of the cathedral.

Zvartnots temple was a unique architectural structure. Interestingly, during the construction, it was one of the tallest buildings in the world (45-49 m). Instead of domed cruciform buildings or basilicas characteristic of that period, Zvartnots was built in a completely new style with a central dome resting on a single circle formed by many angles and altars. With its impressive size and unique design, the temple became a “real architectural miracle”, “an amazing space creation”, about which many legends were created, and the luxury of its design was mentioned many times in written sources. According to chroniclers, in 652, the Byzantine emperor Costas II, who was present at the consecration of the temple, was so impressed by its magnificence and size that he took the architect of the temple with him to build something similar in Constantinople, but the architect fell ill and died on the way.

Directly on the territory of the temple is also the archaeological museum with artifacts related to the temple.

In 2000, Zvartnots was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2-3 hours

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Armavir Region, 20 km from Yerevan

To visit Armenia and not see Etchmiadzin means not to visit this country at all. We invite you to visit the first church in the world and truly experience the spirit of the ancient people.

Each nation has its own holy and especially revered places. For the Armenians of the whole world, for almost two thousand years, Etchmiadzin is such a place, spread out on the picturesque Ararat plain. An ancient monastery complex with the residence of the Supreme Patriarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church, erected around the temple of amazing beauty and grace - the Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Pay attention to the treasury - a museum with legendary Christian artifacts such as the Spear of Longinus, a piece of the Cross, a piece of Noah's Ark and the relics of several apostles and saints.

In addition to the cathedral itself, we will see several more churches whose age is impressive - for example, St. Hripsime Church was built in the 7th century!

In 2000, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and churches were included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Included in price
  • Etchmiadzin Museum
  • Zvartnots Museum

Breakfast in the hotel. Heading to the mysterious Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And then a tour to the pagan temple of Garni - the only monument preserved on the territory of Armenia, belonging to the era of paganism and Hellenism. Return to Yerevan

Garni Temple

The Kotayk region is located at a distance of 25km from Yerevan.

On this tour you will get acquainted with one of the most interesting sights of Armenia. This is a museum complex, consisting of the ruins of an ancient fortress, palace structures, a bath, but the main object of the complex is a pagan temple, founded in the 1st century! The temple is dedicated to the sun god Mithra. After construction, it stood for 1,500 years, and in 1679 it was destroyed by an earthquake. In the XX century, the temple was restored literally bit by bit. Exact proportions, symmetry, ionic columns of the building, graceful carving - all this amazes the imagination and cannot leave indifferent any tourist.

Garni fortress is also interesting - an impregnable building saved and protected residents from raids by foreign enemies for a thousand years. The Armenian rulers liked this place not only for their impregnability, but also for its favorable climate, therefore the fortress was also used as a summer residence of the kings.

Another interesting attraction of Garni is the "Symphony of stones." For thousands of years, wind and rain have turned a mountainside into a wall of columns of geometrically regular shapes - from a distance they look like pipes of an organ.

Optional: off-road descent to the Garni Gorge, where the symphony of stones is located

Gorge view restaurant

3 hours

Geghard Monastery

Kotayk Region, distance to Yerevan 35 km

We offer you an interesting and informative excursion to the ancient Christian monastery. Arriving here, you will appreciate the incredible energy and breathtaking antiquity, as well as find out why it is called Geghard (spear).

On the slope of an almost enclosed amphitheater of sheer cliffs, surrounded by harsh and majestic nature, is the Geghard Monastery, famous for its rocky architecture. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of an ancient monastery carved in a rock, and you have a magnificent view of the mountains, and with each breath you feel a thousand-year history that is literally printed on every curve of the stone!

The history of Geghard Monastery dates back more than 1500 years - for a long time it was one of the spiritual and cultural centers of medieval Armenia, where in addition to religious buildings there were a school, library, and printing house.

The monastery is associated with interesting legends and traditions. On the outer walls of the monastery you can see curious recesses full of pebbles - there is a belief, if you make a wish, drop a pebble from below and get into the recess, then it will certainly come true.

The Geghard monastery complex is undoubtedly a world heritage, therefore it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

3 hours

Included in price
  • Garni Temple

Breakfast in the hotel. Airport transfer


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