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These 4 days, you will find a rich program in the most ancient country, which is known for its rich history of making wine and various traditional dishes. These tours are specially designed for gourmets and wine lovers who want to learn a little more about Armenian wine and cuisine. Enjoy unforgettable experiences and amazing wines, delicious food and new acquaintances with those who share your love for wine and delicious food.

What is included

Tickets - Areni Birds Cave
Master-Class - Master-Class of Barbeque in Tandoor
Master-Class - Master-Class of Ashtarakats Vodka
Master-Class - Master-Class of Ghapama
Dining & Degustation - Stepanyan Family Vineyards
Tickets - Etchmiadzin Museum
Master-Class - Master-Class of Areni Wine
Dining & Degustation - Yeganyan Family Vineyards
Handling Services - Meet & Greet at The Airport
Dining & Degustation - Testing of vodka, wine
Dining & Degustation - Degust wine Old Areni
Etchmiadzin Cathedral
Gourmet Dourme
Ashtarak Tour
Khorvirap Monastery
Oshakan Hatsekats
St. Mesrop Mashtots Church
Areni Birds Cave
Areni Noravank
Areni Winery
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Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. * optional: Yerevan City tour 50 $

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  • Meet & Greet at The Airport
Optional services
  • Yerevan City Tour

After breakfast we head to the south of Armenia, the first stop is the Khor-Virap monastery with a view of Ararat. Then we go to the wine region of Areni, to the vineyards of the Stepanyan family, visit the Old Areni winery with an excursion and tasting. Further, the cave "Birds" and the monastery Noravank at the end. Return to Yerevan * Optional: restaurant InVino, $ 15 per person

Areni Noravank

Vayots Dzor region, located at a distance of 120km from Yerevan. 

This tour will certainly appeal to all lovers of ancient architectural and historical monuments. Noravank in translation from Armenian means “new monastery”. Although today it is difficult to call it new - his age is very respectable, more than seven centuries! According to legend, the master Momik fell in love with the daughter of Syunik ishkhan (prince). Ishkhan promised to give his daughter to him as a wife only if he builds a monastery of unprecedented beauty in three years. Momik accepted the conditions and began to build. The master used stones from nearby rocks and eventually managed to deadline. But a few days before the end of the agreed period, a servant of Ishkhan rises to the roof of the monastery and pushes him from there. And the last stone that the master prepared for the monastery becomes its tombstone.

Truly the pearl of Armenian religious architecture. The majestic churches of the XIII century rise against the backdrop of martian landscapes - sheer red rocks of the gorge of the Arpa River. In the Middle Ages, the complex was a major religious and cultural center of Armenia. And also, according to legend, a piece of the cross, sprinkled with the blood of Christ, is hidden here.

The Noravank complex, thanks to the magnificent creations of medieval architects and its location on the background of a beautiful landscape, leaves an indelible impression. Since 2002, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. An additional pleasant moment is the presence of a magnificent restaurant of Armenian cuisine with panoramic views of the monastery and the rocks.

8-9 hours

Khorvirap Monastery

Ararat region, located at a distance of 60km from Yerevan. 

An excursion to the most iconic place for all of Armenia - the Khor Virap monastery, where the ruler Trdat III converted to Christianity and instructed Gregory the Illuminator to embark on the spiritual mission of converting the kingdom to Christianity. And this happened back in 301, due to which Armenia became the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion.

The ascetic and solemn beauty of the monastery Khor Virap ("deep dungeon") amazes everyone who comes here. It is located on a wide plain at the very foot of Ararat, like a gray-haired guard, guarding the peace and tranquility of the legendary mountain.

You can go down to the underground dungeon, where Gregory the Illuminator spent 13 years among snakes and scorpions, visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, admire the views of Ararat melting in the blue haze, and participate in the ceremony of releasing white doves.

Khor Virap complex includes the ruins of the ancient capital of Armenia, the city of Artashat (citadel, temples, pit, workshops, residential and communal buildings, baths and a water supply system).

3-4 hours

Areni Birds Cave

Vayots Dzor region, located at a distance of 110km from Yerevan. 

Everyone who is interested in history must visit this place where curious archaeological finds were found. The bird cave got its name due to the numerous bird nests at the entrance. However, people come here not to admire the birds, but literally touch the story. Here is found the oldest surviving shoe in the history of mankind, dating to about 3,500 BC. The shoe of the 6.5 size was filled with straw and grass, due to which it retained its shape. It's amazing that even the laces were preserved on it! In addition, there is also the oldest winery, over 5000 years old. Untouched artifacts created several thousand years ago leave a lasting impression.

The cave is located 110 km from Yerevan. The road to it passes through a picturesque canyon, so that, in addition to touching history, you will also receive aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the incredible beauty of Armenian nature.

8-9 hours

Areni Winery

Vayots Dzor region, located at a distance of 110km from Yerevan. Guided tour at Old Areni Winery

We invite you to the tiny village of Areni 120 km from Yerevan, where a small family business has become a trademark, famous not only in Armenia, but also abroad. The winery was founded in 1994. The owners are very careful about the traditions and the whole process of preparing wine is done manually. Therefore, delicious Armenian wines are born here, as well as an international wine festival that has already become famous.

In addition to grapes, they make wine from apricot, pomegranate, cherry, peach and other fruits. Hospitable hosts will offer a tasting of aromatic drinks. You can also purchase wine from the oldest grapes. A bright taste that brings back memories of summer and vacation, gives incomparable pleasure!

8-9 hours

Included in price
  • Degust wine Old Areni
  • Stepanyan Family Vineyards
  • Testing of vodka, wine
  • Master-Class of Areni Wine
  • Areni Birds Cave

Breakfast in the hotel. The first stop is the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin and the treasury-museum with legendary Christian artifacts. Then a trip to Ashtarak, a sightseeing city tour, an old bazaar, a chocolate factory, several churches. Here we will also find the Ashtarakats wine and vodka courtyard with master classes. From there we go to the private vineyards of the Yeganyan family with an excursion and tasting. Return to Yerevan. Optional: Wine SPA, $ 125 per person

Ashtarak Tour

The city of Ashtarak is a regional center located on the right, high bank of the river Kasah, 20 km north-west of Yerevan. The city lies at the intersection of roads connecting the three largest cities in the country -Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor. Ashtarak is one of the oldest cities in Armenia with numerous monuments of material culture and traditions of national life. It is famous for its areas, streets, houses, landscape. Ashtarak still retained the color of the ancient and beautiful Armenian city.

Now a days, Ashtarak “stepped over” to the other - the left bank of the river, a beautiful new bridge was thrown across the gorge. Previously, the old three-arch bridge was used, located upstream of the river. It was built in XIII century and remodeled in XVII century. Now the movement on this bridge has almost stopped, and it is interesting only as a historical monument. Under the bridge is also an old water mill, which operated until the 70s of the 20th century. Separately, it is worth mentioning the Gourmet Durme chocolate factory located in Ashtarak. Founded by the Armenian brothers from France, the factory produces chocolate according to the highest European standards and is the pride of the Ashtarak people. Also in Ashtarak there are about ten gastro-yards where you can cook and taste various dishes of Armenian cuisine, there are also several wineries.

extra: Gastro Yards - Restaurants, Chocolate Factory

4-5 hours

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Armavir Region, 20 km from Yerevan

To visit Armenia and not see Etchmiadzin means not to visit this country at all. We invite you to visit the first church in the world and truly experience the spirit of the ancient people.

Each nation has its own holy and especially revered places. For the Armenians of the whole world, for almost two thousand years, Etchmiadzin is such a place, spread out on the picturesque Ararat plain. An ancient monastery complex with the residence of the Supreme Patriarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church, erected around the temple of amazing beauty and grace - the Etchmiadzin Cathedral. Pay attention to the treasury - a museum with legendary Christian artifacts such as the Spear of Longinus, a piece of the Cross, a piece of Noah's Ark and the relics of several apostles and saints.

In addition to the cathedral itself, we will see several more churches whose age is impressive - for example, St. Hripsime Church was built in the 7th century!

In 2000, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and churches were included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Gourmet Dourme

Aragatsotn region, 30 km from Yerevan.

If you are a chocolate lover, be sure to visit the Gourmet Durme chocolate factory. Here it is not just produced, it is created as a work of art. The combination of high-quality handmade chocolate and creative packaging will not leave indifferent the sweet tooth of any age. In addition, Gourmet Durme chocolate is an excellent answer to the question “What should I bring as a present to my family?”

Visitors to the factory will be able to learn interesting moments in the history of chocolate, see how the whole production process goes, try the freshest product and take part in the manual packaging of chocolate.

Included in price
  • Yeganyan Family Vineyards
  • Etchmiadzin Museum
  • Testing of vodka, wine
  • Master-Class of Ashtarakats Vodka

Breakfast in the hotel. We start the day at a winery in the village of Voskevaz, a tour of the plant + wine tasting. Then we go to Oshakan, visit the monument to the Armenian alphabet, the grave and the church of Mesrop Mashtots, after which we go to a restaurant with culinary master classes (barbecue and gapama). Guests have the opportunity to relax and play board games on the large terrace or in the garden among the trees. Return to Yerevan in the evening

Oshakan Hatsekats

The cozy Hacekas Guesthouse in Oshakan invites us to a master class on cooking delicious Armenian dishes - the famous kebab in a tandoor and sweet gapama. Hatsekas is a large old house with antique furniture and a spacious terrace with barbecue and tandoor.

Shish kebab needs no introduction, but gapama is unfairly deprived of attention. Pre-cooked rice, dried fruits, nuts and honey are baked in a pumpkin, like in a pot. This difficult dish in the old days was prepared by the whole family. He was so loved that it became an obligatory dish of all holiday tables - for the New Year, Easter, birthdays, and especially at weddings.

According to legend, the pumpkin symbolizes the planet Earth, rice is humanity, and dried fruits and nuts are people of different faiths and nationalities. On a planet where different peoples of different faiths live, good must triumph. And the gapama was preparing for peace to reign on Earth.

In addition to legends, people composed songs about this dish, under which it is solemnly served to the table. We will learn how to properly clean the pumpkin, prepare the filling and bake the “pot” in the tandoor.

St. Mesrop Mashtots Church

Aragatsotn region, located at a distance of 30km from Yerevan.

Oshakan Village is 4 km away on south of Ashtarak, among the vineyards and greenery of pomegranate gardens, occupying the entire space between Ashtarak and Etchmiadzin. Here is the burial place of the great enlightener of Armenia, Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of scripts of completely different language peoples - Armenians, Georgians, and Caucasian Albanians. Over the grave of Mesrop, located in the southeastern part of the village, in 443 Prince Vagan Amatuni built a small chapel on the site of which in 1875-1879 Catholicos Gevorg III built a church, which stands to this day. It is a traditional one-nave basilica, crowned with a belfry over the altar apse, and recalls the first centuries of Christianity in Armenia. 

During the tour you will see an unusual composition, which was built in the 1600-th anniversary of the Armenian alphabet.

Near the village erected a monument in memory of those killed at the battle of Oshakan during the Russian-Persian War in 1827., Russian and Armenian warriors. It was built from red tufa in 1833-1834 at the expense of the local population

Extras: cottage restaurant Hatsekats in Oshakan

3-4 hours

Included in price
  • Master-Class of Barbeque in Tandoor
  • Master-Class of Ghapama

Breakfast in the hotel. Airport transfer


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